Why Engage CRS?


  1. Our Single Goal is to Maximize Value and Savings.
    • a. This is what we do every day. We live and breathe value improvement for our clients.
    • b. Even if a company has a cost savings initiative in place, the staff normally does not have the time or resources to direct all their energy to every area where savings may be possible.
  2.  We Have the Resources and Time to Unlock Additional Savings Quickly.
    • a. Again, since many businesses have streamlined their staff over the last few years, their key people simply may not have the time to challenge all expenses nor invest in all the steps that are necessary to optimize value.
    • b. We have the time and understand the importance of compiling all the critical data points, specifications and details which are necessary in developing a complete and accurate understanding of a program and its requirements. We invest in a thorough due diligence and pre-negotiation investigation which includes comprehensive data mining, a market analysis, value analysis, process analysis and supply chain analysis.
    • c. We have the time to meet with all suppliers to consider and discuss alternatives and new options as well as challenge the status quo.
    • d. Since we do not have numerous priorities competing for our time, as most internal staff experience, we can devote all the time that is necessary to compile all key data, thoroughly review all info and determine the appropriate steps and strategy that are necessary to maximize savings – in as short of time as is possible.
  3. Our Experience and Expertise Can Make an Immediate Impact.
    • a. We have secured cost savings for over 35 years within many different product and service categories.
    • b. Since we routinely review and secure new contracts and performance agreements within many different markets we are knowledgeable of the competitive pricing and alternative value options.
    • c. Many companies may not have the relevant knowledge or experience to challenge most indirect or non-core expenses since these are not considered critical to the business. As such these areas are not reviewed routinely and market knowledge may not be optimal within the organization.
    • d. Also, some client staff who have significant areas of responsibility may not be comfortable challenging incumbent suppliers in order to optimize the value received. Negotiating firmly but fairly with suppliers and dealing with temporary conflict may not be their strength.
  4. CRS Invests the Critical Time Required For a Comprehensive Overview and Data Collection.
    • a. Some clients that have multiple locations my not have centralized purchasing. If they have a decentralized program in place, there may be areas and expenses where the leverage potential is not be optimized.
    • b. Also, key staff may not have knowledge, access, responsibility or authority over all the activities and purchases at the various locations. This can lead to redundant suppliers and uncompetitive pricing for like items and services.
    • c. The Outsourced team can invest the time to pull this data together in order to determine what opportunities may exist to consolidate and leverage existing business.
  5. Market and Supplier Intelligence.
    • a. We have an in-depth knowledge of many different industries, the key suppliers, their capabilities, capacity and which are more motivated.
    • b. We have diverse experience with many different products and services that most businesses use or require and associated pricing.
    • c. Due to our activity within many expense categories, we often have current knowledge of the most competitive pricing and value options.
  6. “Best in class” Supplier Evaluation and Selection For Consideration
    • a. We will identify the best suppliers possible to fill our client’s needs and have them compete with incumbent suppliers for the business.
    • b. Some suppliers, over time, may not be as competitive or competent as they were when initially brought on board.
    • c. There may be new or better suppliers who have invested in state of the art equipment resulting in improved efficiencies and a lower cost basis or are simply more aggressive in the market.
    • d. A client’s volume may have increased over the years and would be better served going direct to a manufacturer vs. a distributor.
    • e. Sometimes just placing the current program out to bid can spark the incumbent to get serious about their pricing. It is a rare occurrence when a supplier offers a discount without being challenged.
  7. Neutral and Unbiased Position Regarding Suppliers.
    • a. It is not uncommon that client staff may have developed a friendly relationship with the supplier which makes it difficult to seriously challenge them on pricing and performance issues.
    • b. We remain neutral throughout the whole process and are not aligned with any suppliers. We consider ourselves an extension of our client’s procurement staff.
  8. Professional Request for Information, Request for Proposal and Request for Quotations Tools.
    • a. Due to our varied expertise, we have created specialized RFIs, RFPs or RFQs for many different industries.
    • b. CRS also offers strategic internet auction tools.
  9. Professional, Fair and Firm Negotiations.
    • a. We are comfortable and confident in challenging any and all suppliers on the programs they are offering.
    • b. Again, since we are neutral and not aligned with any suppliers, we can develop the competitive challenge which will optimally leverage the opportunity.
  10. Client Staff Can Retain Existing Supplier Relationship and Focus on Critical Areas
    • a. As an outside team we can challenge the incumbent suppliers on pricing and deliverables, so that our client’s staff can retain their existing preferred relationship with key suppliers.
    • b. Frank conversations and tough negotiations can be accomplished by CRS’s expert staff.
    • c. In short, we can ask the difficult questions and push for improvements while our client’s staff remain focused on the critical areas and issues that require their time and attention.