Services We Offer

person with penVALUE ANALYSIS – CRS invests the time and resources to thoroughly understand all elements of the products or services currently purchased in order to determine what improvement opportunities exist or unnecessary costs may be eliminated. This process includes a review of the current quality & performance standards, specifications, supplier performance requirements such on-time delivery expectations, key stakeholder interviews, order processes and cycles, internal level of satisfaction, customer service, representation, problem solving effectiveness, ease of doing business, payment terms, rebates preferences and new or alternative options

STRATEGIC SOURCING – CRS has in-depth knowledge of many different industries, markets and suppliers. When evaluating the supplier community for “best in class” suppliers, we consider performance, quality, services, locations, reputation and pricing. It is not uncommon to find that a current supplier, who at one time was ideal for your business, may not be the best fit now or in the future. Changes within your business and evolving customer demands may require that other suppliers be considered. On the other hand, you current supplier may be the best option but simply has not been competitively challenged regarding their services, performance and pricing.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS – As CRS reviews our client’s current spend by category and compiles all the required data, we will also review current procedures and program steps. As requested, we will provide process recommendations on where to streamline, consolidate and improve efficiencies within the various purchasing and supply channel areas.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – CRS has significant inventory control experience. We can provide strategic suggestions and effective, intelligent processes that could significantly reduce your inventory investment without compromising service and performance to your clients.

RFI, RFQ and RFP DEVELOPMENT – CRS has the expertise to create comprehensive RFIs, RFQs and RFP which include all descriptions, specifications, volumes along with service, quality and performance requirements. In addition, we include all information and nuances that a supplier should be made aware of in order to provide an accurate quote such as client terms and conditions, expectations and rules of engagement.

1. Issuance of Request – Once the above has been completed, CRS will issue the formal Request to select suppliers of choice, field any questions and provide any clarification to participants – as needed. CRS will schedule meetings and plant visits if warranted, provide samples as needed and request that the supplier sign off on the terms and conditions prior to providing a proposal.

PROFESSIONAL AND FAIR NEGOTIATIONS – In addition, we have years of professional negotiating experience and invest the critical time and resources necessary for a thorough due diligence so that we understand all elements of the programs we work on. In addition to price, we will negotiate on behalf of our clients the service levels required, performance requirements, processes, quality standards, customer service support, shipment requirements, warranties, timing, performance penalties (if required), paperwork detail (i.e. invoice, packing slip, customer service documents), payment terms, rebates, price change methodology and final pricing.

CREATION OF POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – If our client requires, CRS can create, update or rewrite policies and procedures for any purchasing area and process. In addition, we can assist with educating the key staff and stakeholders of any procedural changes, the benefit of the change and all associated training.

CONTRACTS AND SERVICE AGREEMENT DEVELOPMENT – CRS has compiled many different contract and service templates that could be modified to address most programs. In addition, we have the skills to write a completely new agreement to address all terms, standards, services, points of interest, performance and pricing requirements for a new project.

REVERSE AUCTIONS – CRS has the experience and knowledge to facilitate a comprehensive Reverse Auction for many different Products or Services. A Reverse Auction may not be ideal for every program but we do suggest it as an option to consider since it routinely offers process efficiencies, central repository of information, quicker responses and lower prices.