A Business Investment That Could Pay Huge Dividends

Monday, August 19, 2013 , ISM Certification, by Rich Rafdahl

As we are all aware, the single greatest asset with any business is their employees.   The very best companies make an intentional and continued investment in their team’s training and education so that their knowledge is advanced, their skills are sharp and they are well informed as to the most current issues, trends and cutting edge technologies and tools.

DSCN0054_edited -1Many companies make a conscious effort to train their sales staff and management team for best practices – which is a great investment. On the other hand some organizations may not be aware that there is also a formal training and certification program available for the purchasing and supply chain staff too.   Keep in mind that most purchasing staff are responsible for more than 80{fd764c423169b107d7473585cb974f0964537b0b8c5dab730771f487497f0bbc} of a companies spend – which is significant for most businesses.   Wouldn’t it be a prudent strategy to provide your buyers and inventory control people every opportunity to be the very best they can be which would enhance their effectiveness, productivity and potentially transform the department into a profit center.  We all know that having the best, brightest and most well trained staff can be a significant competitive advantage.

If your company would like to elevate your purchasing team the Institute for Supply Management, or ISM, offers courses tailored to purchasing, supply chain and supply diversity.  The ISM Certification courses include best purchasing practices, international buying, negotiations, contracts, sourcing, supplier evaluations, contracts to name a few and are available in most large metropolitan areas.   In addition, the ISM is a tremendous resource for information, current business news, market trends and purchasing support.   In fact, the ISM’s monthly service and manufacturing indices are tools the United States Federal Reserve, Wall Street, most economists, large businesses and investors track to determine if our economy is gaining strength or slowing down.  In short, the ISM is a very credible organization with some of the best Procurement and Supply Chain Management minds in the field.   To learn more about the ISM please visit their site at http://www.ism.ws/.

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